Explanation of the values used and their respective meanings

Explanation of the values we provide to help you better understand how everything operates.

Here’s a breakdown of the values and their respective meanings:

What is Home & Away Strength?

This describes a way to measure the strength of both the home and away teams in the current event.

  • Home Strength is determined by looking at the home team’s past goal-scoring performance against similar-level opponents, while also considering the defense of the away team they are currently facing.
  • Away Strength assesses the away team’s goal-scoring ability based on their past away-game performance, while also factoring in the defense of the home team they are playing against.

What each color indication mean?

Each color symbolizes the degree of superiority of the team over its opponent.

  • Green meaning there is high strength against the event’s opponent.
  • Yellow meaning there is medium strength against the event’s opponent.
  • Red meaning there is low strength against the event’s opponent.

What are the predictions?

This represents the anticipated outcome of an event, and it includes various possible values. For instance, when the prediction is denoted as “1,” it signifies that the anticipated outcome of the event is a victory for the home team. All of the possible values are here down below:

  • Final Result which can be either “1“, “X“, “2“, or a combination (double chance) of these values.
  • Goal/Goal which means both teams are going to score.
  • OVER / UNDER 2.5 goals.
  • OVER / UNDER 3.5 goals.

What parameters are used to make the predictions?

  • Historical stats (avg goals scored, clean sheets, etc.) of team A vs teams similar to team B.
  • Poisson probabilities (this is used to model the number of goals scored by each team).
  • League statistics.
  • How the two teams compare against the league.
  • Other factors (stadium capacity, distance between teams).

What are the odds?

This is the average odd that is provided by various established bookmakers. It can be a useful value for bettors to make decisions. By using averaged odds, bettors can potentially identify favorable betting opportunities and compare them against their own assessments of the event’s probabilities.

What is chance?

Chance refers to the probability or likelihood of a prediction or event occurring, as determined by the AI’s calculations.

What is status?

This relates to the outcome of the prediction, indicating whether it came to pass or not. The potential values are as follows:

  • Won signifying that the prediction was accurate.
  • Lost indicating that the prediction proved to be false.

In cases where the event is still ongoing or undecided, the status is designated as “pending“. Check back later for a won or lost status!

What are the supported competitions?

At footballpredictionai.com, we offer an extensive array of over 2,300 predictions each month, spanning the performances of more than 2,100 teams competing in 92 different countries and 146 national leagues. You can find everything in the Supported Competitions page.

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